Choosing the Perfect Song for the Wedding Banquet

When it comes to the question of “How to choose songs for your wedding banquet” there is just one aspect that couples need to figure out- which one of the seven dancing personalities best defines them? Once that has been determined, it is advisable that couples learn some of the steps from a professional so that they can make their first-dance a truly memorable one.

Choosing the Perfect Song for the Wedding Banquet

The Shrinking Violets

While not quite the scaredy-cats, these couples seem to prefer staying away from the spotlight fearing that they are going to look utterly foolish. One way of breaking free is to choose a familiar song that is easy to dance to and free from innuendos. They may be in need of professional dance lessons but should not shy away from the same- after all, anyone who can walk is also capable of dancing. With enough time for preparation and practice, they can be comfortable confident when pulled up to waltz at the wedding banquet.

Songs for The Shrinking Violets:

– Cupid by Sam Cooke
– Chances Are by Johnny Mathis
– What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
– The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

Choosing the Perfect Song for the Wedding Banquet

The Smooth Operators

With looks that can rival the sweetest of Hollywood couples, they have a hard time keeping their hands off one another in public. Moreover, when it comes to strutting their stuff, they never seem to back down. A sensual and sexy tune that is designed specially for moving and grooving is exactly what they need to turn up the heat at the first-dance.

Songs for The Smooth Operators:

– Ribbon In The Sky by Stevie Wonder
– Beautiful by Mary J. Blige
– Cruisin by Smoky Robinson
– By Your Side by Sade

Not to forget:

The Mother-Son Dance
consider ‚ÄúBlackbird” from Sarah McLachlan and “Viva la Vida” from Coldplay

The Cake Cutting
songs like “Candy man” from Christina Aguilera and the “Green Light” from John Legend can act well.

Which of these four dance personalities do you fit into? Do a brainstorming to figure out your match before deciding on the type of music that you will be grooving to on the occasion of your first-dance at the wedding banquet.


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