Bridal Dress – To Rent or Not?

For your wedding, are you torn between buying or to rent Wedding Gowns in Singapore? While buying a wedding gown allows you to keep it afterward, the advantages of renting wedding gown Singapore services cannot be ignored. You should consider these advantages before you make the final decision.

Can you ignore the money savings?

If you want to buy a good designer wedding gown, then you need to be prepared to spend money accordingly. Designer gowns do not come cheap. In order for you to dress in a high-end brand, it may cost you thousands of dollars. That price tag is for the dress alone. You will have to pay for the shoes and the rest of the accessories separately.


The high cost of wedding gowns on sale, lies in their exclusivity and affiliated bragging rights. Why should you spend so much money on buying wedding dress, when you can acquire the same rights by renting the gown? The bragging rights may be temporary, but the photos are forever.

bridal dress

Renting a wedding gown is a cost saving technique that allows you the chance to wear the best wedding gowns available in the market, for a fraction of the price. You should consider this sensible financial option as a bride because the wedding gown cannot be worn again for normal events.




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What You Need To Know – Pre Party

Through the course of life, everyone goes through different circumstances, situations and predicaments that have the potential to yield positive or negative outcomes.

However, besides birth and death, nothing else is held in high regard than a wedding. In an ironically bizarre twist, to women a wedding is the ultimate dream and to guys its nothing short of a beautiful nightmare. Most women live their lives looking forward to their perfect wedding. For men, its normally a normal day where they say their vows and promise an eternity of love to their wives’ to be(a day they would rather avoid). On a serious note, a wedding is a wonderful prerequisite that leads to a drastic change in one’s life: marriage.

bouquet - will you marry me?

But before that, usually to celebrate the next phase of life, and also to commemorate the end of single-hood, couples usually plan pre parties to mark that joyous occasion.

We have friends that are so wild, many crazy things that happened at the pre party before the wedding, some was really fun while some were pretty crazy. Be careful on that though! Because a few crazy parties that we saw turned out to be very devastating, that resulted in the termination of the wedding itself.

You certainly do not want that to happen before your big day!

Couples should plan the party together

Just like a wedding, the pre-wedding party requires the efforts of both parties to be a success. Its not a bad idea to hear out external opinions from friends and family however the final word should rest on the couple’s shoulders. Couples should work together towards the planning and organizing of the party. They should also share the responsibilities of making the party a success. Couples who engage in this might strengthen the inner-intimate bond which will be very useful when it comes to surviving the hard times of a marriage.

(Quick tip: Always consider the ideas of the mother-in-law if you don’t want to spark a possible world war 3)


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Choosing the Perfect Song for the Wedding Banquet

When it comes to the question of “How to choose songs for your wedding banquet” there is just one aspect that couples need to figure out- which one of the seven dancing personalities best defines them? Once that has been determined, it is advisable that couples learn some of the steps from a professional so that they can make their first-dance a truly memorable one.

Choosing the Perfect Song for the Wedding Banquet

The Shrinking Violets

While not quite the scaredy-cats, these couples seem to prefer staying away from the spotlight fearing that they are going to look utterly foolish. One way of breaking free is to choose a familiar song that is easy to dance to and free from innuendos. They may be in need of professional dance lessons but should not shy away from the same- after all, anyone who can walk is also capable of dancing. With enough time for preparation and practice, they can be comfortable confident when pulled up to waltz at the wedding banquet.

Songs for The Shrinking Violets:

– Cupid by Sam Cooke
– Chances Are by Johnny Mathis
– What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
– The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

Choosing the Perfect Song for the Wedding Banquet

The Smooth Operators

With looks that can rival the sweetest of Hollywood couples, they have a hard time keeping their hands off one another in public. Moreover, when it comes to strutting their stuff, they never seem to back down. A sensual and sexy tune that is designed specially for moving and grooving is exactly what they need to turn up the heat at the first-dance.

Songs for The Smooth Operators:

– Ribbon In The Sky by Stevie Wonder
– Beautiful by Mary J. Blige
– Cruisin by Smoky Robinson
– By Your Side by Sade

Not to forget:

The Mother-Son Dance
consider ‚ÄúBlackbird” from Sarah McLachlan and “Viva la Vida” from Coldplay

The Cake Cutting
songs like “Candy man” from Christina Aguilera and the “Green Light” from John Legend can act well.

Which of these four dance personalities do you fit into? Do a brainstorming to figure out your match before deciding on the type of music that you will be grooving to on the occasion of your first-dance at the wedding banquet.


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